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American Idol 7

So this season has had it’s fair share of up’s and downs. Here are the top 12’s ups and downs, to be finalized once the season ends.


1. David A‘s first performance of ‘Imagine’ was absolutely amazing. Although I think he should’ve sang it later in the competition, he definitely set the bar for everyone else.

2. David C‘s performance of ‘Billie Jean’ was stellar and amazing as well. Seriously, this guy can sing.

3. Brooke‘s performance of ‘Let It Be’ was one of the best that night and it made me think that she could get into the top three. Little did I know that she sucked after all.

4. David C‘s performance of ‘Always Be My Baby’ was one of the best in Idol history, along with ‘Imagine’. I mean, I love the Mariah version, but this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

5. David C‘s performance of ‘Music of the Night’ was proof that he not only had the arrangements and the growl, but he actually had a voice. My God was he fantastic that night.

6. Carly‘s performance of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ was one of her best it’s a shame she went when she did, Brooke should’ve gone that week.

7. The Paula slip-up was priceless(see my entry on rigged reality shows…).

8. And the first girl Simon kissed called! What’s her name again?

9. Brooke‘s performance of ‘Every Breath You Take’ was one of her best.

10. Syesha‘s performance of ‘One Rock N Roll Too Many’ was great, she should consider a career in broadway.

11. Michael‘s performance of ‘We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions‘ was tied with David C.’s ‘Billie Jean‘ for the best of that night.

12. David C‘s performance of ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ was hands down the best of the night.

13. David C‘s winning moment was priceless! He looked so overwhelmed when he won and before it was announced, I think he kinda knew that David A was gonna win, but apparently, he didn’t!


1. Brooke‘s performance of ‘You Must Love Me’ was utterly hideous. Seriously.

2. Jason‘s performance of ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ was the worst performance of the top twelve. IT WAS UTTERLY ATROCIOUS.

3. David A‘s performance of ‘We Can Work It Out’ was disappointing, but he redeemed himself the following week.

4. Kristy‘s performance of ‘Eight Days A Week’ was the second worse performance of the top twelve, and the rest of her performances were hideous. I don’t know why she got eliminated so late.

5. Brooke‘s performance of ‘Hero‘ was as Simon said, “Like a hamburger without the patty,”, Seriously. The song’s too big for her.

6. Brooke‘s performance of ‘Here Comes The Sun‘ was too, too, Sunny. I mean come on, the yellow dress AND the yellow backdrop

7. Chikeze‘s performance with the harmonica was strange.

8. David A‘s performance of ‘With You‘ was just plain awkward. I mean, he said ‘my boo‘?

9. Syesha‘s performance of ‘Hit Me Up‘ was dull and lifeless compared to the original one. Plus she doesn’t have the voice and the extra ‘push’ you need to sing that song.

10. Jason‘s version of ‘Hallelujah‘ was bad enough the first time but he just HAD to do it again.

So, I’ll finish this list once the season ends, stay tuned!  

Partial credit goes to Ryua for helping me on this list..


1 Response to "American Idol 7"

You forgot the part where Jason murdered the oh-so lovely “Hallelujah”. TWO TIMES.

Oh, and the “James Bond” and “Knighted by the Queen” questions for Simon. AND THE SHAVING CREAM.

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