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Posted on: June 2, 2008

So yesterday was a special day on two counts, lemme explain…

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday so we went out to eat(in normal Chinese manner) and Zong was the restaurant of choice. We usually eat in places like Gloria Maris or Shangrila but my mom wanted to try something new. The food was OK, close but not quite although the fish was good. Then we went malling, the usual and when we got home, Ate Tara and Kuya Mik crashed here while Tito Mike was casting a big toe since they just got home from Palawan. Seriously, they all got sunburns! We talked, watched mac ads and stuff so yeah.

Then, WESTLIFE! Haha yes, everything is related to Westlife, deal with it. They performed to their biggest audience yet, 82,000 and they were all there just to see Westlife. Haha, yes, CROKE PARK! The pinnacle of their career, and pictures are slowly going online(I LOVE THEM!)! I seriously can’t wait for the DVD, it’s gonna be mind-blowing. Seriously.


OK, remind me again why I like boybands? Oh. Right, Westlife. Back in grade six, every time I heard something related to Westlife(namely, K, Ireland, W, L, Sligo and stuff..) I would scream. That’s with stuff that don’t have any direct relation to Westlife. Imagine how I screamed when I heard something about them.

That was boy band phase part one. When it ended, I really thought it ended but I was really wrong. A few months later, I got addicted to this boy band called Blue. Although I wasn’t that much of a fan(mainly because it was so hard to google them and I couldn’t find any fan sites), I bought two albums. Yeah. So when that ended, I didn’t want to go through another phase.

But alas, here I am again, getting addicted to two new boybands(WHY???). NLT and V Factory, yeah. So I absolutely love the two bands, although they will never, ever come close to Westlife. I absolutely adore ‘These Are the Days’ by V Factory, I LOVE IT. Seriously, the minute the song started, I loved it. It’s just so, so, R&B-ish but in the Westlife kind of way (listen to ‘When I’m With You’, you’ll know what I’m talking about..) I’ve been listening to it for 1 1/2 hours now! Then I love the NLT songs so far, great!

I honestly don’t know how long this phase will last. I might last as long as my Westlife addiction but it might be another passing thing. After a few weeks I might get so sick of it that I won’t listen to it for another six months. So when this phase ends, I’ll let you know, alright?


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