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So since I revived my reviews blog a few days ago, why not talk about it here? haha, yeah, it’s Website of the Week!So, it’s called Pop Reviews Now and it’s basically where I rant about anything and everything about a certain artist, give the song a rating and say why I do or don’t like the song/album. So there are stuff that I absolutely adore and stuff that I hate to death. This is basically my way of supporting the industry, I review the song but there are no download links so if people think that my review is right, they can go buy the album/song. So, go visit it, alright? it’s


Prior to finding webshots, I was always looking for an image-hosting site that didn’t upload pictures unbelievably slow. Photobucket for some strange reason didn’t upload for me, and all the other sites I had found either put watermarks or were slow, like Photobucket.homepage

Then I came across webshots, something like photobucket but it works for me, and it’s very handy for my blogs and for forums.

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