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Ok, for those who don’t know what UP is, it stands for the University of the Philippines and it was founded when the Americans invaded the Philippines (CENTENNIAL, PEOPLE!). OK? OK.

I was born into a family of teachers and doctors who are the occasional musicians(family thing, alright?) and I’ve got two sets of aunts and uncles. My uncle and my aunt(who are married to each other, DUH.) are doctors and my aunt is a professor at the UP college of Medicine while my Uncle is a practicing Orthopedic. My other Aunt is a professor at the Department of Arts and letters, and so are my parents. My other uncle is an executive for Mitsubish electric, but that’s a bit off topic. My cousins have all studied in UP from kinder all the way up to college and the eldest is coming home this May to start teaching molecular biology. So I guess we’re a dynasty here in UP, the Rivera-Mirano dynasty.

Why will I be in UP forever? Well, maybe not forever but until I graduate, at least. I got into the elementary/high school of UP, which gives me an 80% chance of getting into UP, not that I wouldn’t want to, I mean it is the best school in the country.

I practically live in the school. During summer, I’m always crashing at my parents’ office because it’s air conditioned and UP internet is not so bad(OK, I’m under reacting, IT’S HORRIBLE.).

My only complaint with UP is the crappy food. OK, you’ve got the college canteen and all and then you’ve got Casaa and Chocolate Kiss and those other home-cooked places, but after spending the first thirteen years of my life eating that for lunch about 75% of the time, I get sick of it, wouldn’t you?

People may think that UP is about academics and quality and expressing yourself and freedom but it’s the opposite. After a year of sitting in the back seat of my parents’ car listening to my mom ranting about her post as the curator of the Vargas Museum, I saw UP in a different light. Politics and power-hungry people are behind that impression that UP gives. My mom has had to deal with bosses and unsavory people who get on her last nerve, we haven’t been able to have a family dinner 100% of the time because she’s in front of the computer and/or on the phone fixing some big problem or shouting at someone. The UP I saw when I first saw it back when I was three was just a cover-up.

Even with that firmly implanted on my mind, UP is still the best in the country and I wouldn’t trade the opportunity I’ve been given, the opportunity to get the best education possible, for the world. Let’s just hope sophomore year in UP high school isn’t as traumatic as freshman year.

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