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Posted on: May 8, 2008

So my best friend just started a new blog today and what she said was kinda true for me as well. The fact that we both miss a certain part of our lives(haha, corny, I know.). For her it’s the 90’s, for me, it’s sixth grade. 

Seriously, everything was perfect back then, my grades were stellar, I was surrounded by my closest friends, friends who I could tell anything to, I was happy, no getting depressed and then getting low grades. And to think back then I couldn’t wait to get to high school. Rawr.

My closest friends know that I wasn’t happy last school year, especially with what happened during the first day of classes for 2008. My two real friends in school obviously helped me a hell of a lot but I was kinda shutting people out. For the first month or so, I wrote a lot, almost cried every time and found a song that would make me even more sad(the live version of Do’s ‘Heaven’ with Westlife.. ‘coz of the sound, not the lyrics, I’m not a lyrics person..) and eventually cried in front of all the girls in my class and my guidance councilor(yeah..). But that still didn’t make me feel better, nothing did, until the last guidance session.

Ever since I was in kinder, I was made to think that people outside my closest group of friends didn’t like me, because of all the teasing I was getting. It made me feel even worse when that incident happened. I thought I lost all my friends when I lost her, but it turned out the other way. I’ll tell you why in a minute.

The last day of guidance was fun, we were given pieces of paper and told to take off one shoe. Then we had to write stuff to people we wanted to thank of just say hi to. So, we all did. When I read what my classmates said, I almost cried, seriously.

As I said, I thought I lost all my friends, it turned out that I was the one shutting them out, I was in denial because I was so sad. I never knew I had friends like them, I never even knew they considered me as a friend. I was genuinely touched. And I ended seventh grade putting everything behind me.

Grade eight is a new year, new classmates, new everything. I just wish it’s as good as sixth grade and I wanna put seventh grade behind me. For real.



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