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Posted on: May 14, 2008

OK, just some random things today since I haven’t really blogged a lot these past few days. I’ll get back to my regular schedule in a while, OK? Haha.

So we watched Iron Man two days ago and I actually kinda like it! I love the tech part, when the guy makes the Iron Man suit in his house, Cinema Displays! Haha, yeah.

I have the last Midnighters book! Although since school is almost starting, I might have less time to read it. Still, I can’t wait! Seriously, I wanna know how this series ends!

I wanna read Twilight, because my friend wants to. Haha, not exactly but she told me about it and I read the plot line, it’s OK. And besides, I have another excuse to beg for a book from my mom!

I’m gonna go have my shoes made because for the past month we’ve been looking at the retail stores and the biggest size they carry is ten, I’m an eleven. Yeah.

IDOL! Syehsa is going. ‘Hit Me Up’ was horrible. The battle of the two davids! YAY! I’m gonna update the ups and downs after this.


I’m not really good at titles, as you can see and I really don’t know what I’m going to post about..

So yeah, JASON WENT HOME THIS WEEK! You seriously don’t know how happy I am that he went, he should’ve gone weeks ago. Last night was testament to how bad he really is, I mean come on. The first song was hideous and he forgot the lyrics for the second song. How bad can you get?

You can only be forgiven for forgetting the lyrics if the rest of the song was stellar/good(see: David A.’s performance of ‘We Can Work it Out’) but even if he didn’t forget the lyrics, it would still be the monstrosity that it is. 

David C.’s first performance wasn’t too good but his second guaranteed him a place in the top three. Syesha was OK, her second performance wasn’t as good as Simon said it was, but it wasn’t as bad as Randy said it was. David A.’s first performance was so-so for me, although it was better than everybody else’s first performance and his second one definitely crushed the competition, mainly because they kinda sucked.

I seriously don’t understand why the judges kept saying at the start that this was the most talented bunch yet. It’s not. Probably for me, the two most talented seasons were season three and season four where Fantasia and Carrie won, respectively. I mean, in Fantasia’s batch were LaToya, who was great, George Huff who was good too and Jennifer Hudson, who was amazing in Dreamgirls. In Carrie’s batch, who could ever forget that A Capella number Bo did for the final, I mean that was AMAZING. Although I thought back then that America wasn’t ready for a rocker winner just yet.

Season five was OK, the one person I really wanted to win was Chris Daughtry and I thought Paris was good too. Was Mandisa on this season or on the last? Either way, she was good too. Season six was kinda not so good, I really thought it would be a Blake/Melinda final, Jordin just didn’t cut it for me.

My favorites for season seven are obviously the two Davids and Michael and Brooke during the early stages, two weeks before she went, she was horrible.

So, what’s in store in the final? I can’t wait! 

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