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So I finally finished the book after lots of surfing and eating in between(don’t blame me, blame my mom!)

Just thirty-seven chapters? I was expecting 39! OK, I’m getting too Dan Brown-ish on this, apologies. Thirteen is beginning to grow on me, you know those long words you have no idea what they mean because you just skimmed through the entire Oxford dictionary during sixth grade for the reading level test that you aced(my reading level last last year was 9.9 I believe and last year it was 11.. hoping for a thirteen this year…!). Ok, I’m going off topic, apologies once again.

That old midnighter was unexpected, seriously. When she was introduced I was like “Who is she?” and then it turned out that she was one of them. My gosh! I thought it was cleared up in the first book that all the midnighters prior to them(which means more or less 50 years prior..) vanished all at once? I salute Scott Westerfeld once again.

A halfling? Whoa. I never thought of that. I mean, half darkling half human? It kinda creeps me out but I’m wondering if they look like regular humans, since it was stated that they were the connection between the darklings and their human ‘servants’ or whatever you call them. I wanna know.. NOW! *does some research*

All that snooping around behind their parents’ backs is starting to make me really curious. Nah, I would never do that to my parents, they’re too nice for that. Seriously, but when my grades go down just a bit, they freak. On me.

Scott Westerfeld makes me want to be writer even more, even if I don’t really have any good ideas in my head right now(OK, maybe I can give it some time..) and I’m not really sure if I write well. When I read my own stuff, I think it’s crap and it’s rushed and you get the point. Which is why I never, ever re-read what I write, unless it’s for revisions sake.

I’ve never liked history, mainly because my mom loves it and my godfather’s the Japanese history expert here in the Philippines. Oh, and because of the fact that when I was in elementary school, my teachers condensed over 500 years of presidents, invaders, governor-generals, heroes, traitors, and events in one semester a year for five horrible years(the other semester was geography, which wasn’t as bad). I may start liking history because of this series, just wait until I’ve read ‘Blue Noon’.

Next step, BLUE NOON! I really, really NEED it. Seriously. 


Seriously, I cannot get enough of this series, it’s addictive! Here’s what I think so far.

I love it when midnight comes along in this book, it’s like everything ‘comes to life’ perse, it’s great and I’ve loved this idea from the minute I read the plotline.

WHO is that guy who was taking pictures during that hour? It’s freaking me out so much that I might not be able to sleep tonight. I really, really wanna know who the hell he is, if he’s a midnighter and what the hell he’s doing.

The cover freaks me out, most Scott Westerfeld book covers freak me out(except So Yesterday, I love that book cover.), I might have bad dreams tonight but whatever, I love the book.

I like snooping around my dad’s music collection as much as Dess likes looking through her dad’s maps. Well, maybe more ‘coz I seriously find the coolest stuff in his CD collection but some of them are total crap.

This book is gonna be exciting, even more than the first and don’t make me start with the third, I’m starting to bug my mom already!

Ok, so no picture this time, I’m afraid, just look at the previous post. So I’ve finished the whole book and although I don’t love it and the writing sucks, there are a few good points.

In the industry, trends change very fast, even faster than what happened to Wonder. Ever heard of American Idol? Yeah, that’s the best example, one day you’re the best and the next day, you’re out of the competition. The only difference to what happened to Wonder was that Tig wanted to give her a second chance, something that rarely happens to ex-pop princesses, they either go into acting, modeling or hiding because they don’t have the real voice.

The book said that Wonder didn’t earn a lot of money from her short stardom. True, but it’s much worse in real life. The minute you sign a contract, you’re guaranteed x amount of money, but only if you become successful. If you’re a one-hit wonder like Wonder(redundant..), you’ll end up in debt rather than filthy rich. Talk about irony.

What’s the reason for this short review? Well right now, I cannot stand how badly this book was written even with the slightly OK plot line and mostly-correct facts. So I won’t be re-reading this book, I can promise you that.

     OK, so this book cannot compare to one by Scott Westerfeld but you gotta admit, this book will become my guilty pleasure pretty soon. I haven’t read anything by this author prior to this book so here’s what I think so far.

     Yes, her big sister died, so what? The big sister she idolized and copied because she wanted to be with her. Ok, it may be a bit cold but isn’t this book about how WONDER, not LUCKY, climbed to the top of the pop charts? The author went a bit astray there but it’s fine.

     I don’t see how this could possibly be 100% real. Coming from a musical family myself and my dad being a record producer, I know how the industry goes. Demos are recorded and sent to record companies, yes, and pop stars are manufactured to a certain extent. Later in the book, you’ll see why I said this so wait for my full review tomorrow, alright?





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