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Ok, so I’ve only read the first five chapters(hey, I started about 30 minutes ago..) but here’s what I have to say about the book and the author so far.

     Opening a new Scott Westerfeld book for me is like being transported to a sci-fi world that no one but him would ever imagine. The ‘Uglies’ series was fantastic, he had created a real world, you could see that happening in 100 years or so, it’s believable. Everything this guy writes is believable, something that most sci-fi or teen fiction authors can’t manage to do and why I like his books and not Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, because everybody knows that in real life that could never happen. Call me strange but I prefer stories that you can relate to, stories that just make sense, and that’s what Scott Westerfeld does in every single one of his books.

     The first book in the Midnighters series is no different. Although I’ve only read the first five chapters, the book is so detailed that the ‘secret hour’ is described down to the last detail yet so fast-paced that within the first five chapters, the ‘secret hour’ had already happened and you could sense a plot development coming pretty soon.

     I salute Scott Westerfeld for writing a masterpiece, for proving to everyone that the world does not revolve around shallow chick-lit with similar plotlines and boring books for teenagers that try to be the next Harry Potter. I also salute him for mixing sci-fi with the real world. The book follows Jessica Day as she moves from Boston to small Bixby, Oklahoma while showing the Midnighters.

I seriously can’t wait to go back to the bookstore so I can get the other two books in the series. I will, within the week because I’ll gobble this book down by 3 PM today(it’s 11 AM), and finish a full review by 8 PM tonight, I promise.



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