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Remind me again why I put my beloved iPod in the washing machine? Oh, right. I’m trying to see the positive effects of this but I can’t. I mean, it’s not about the fact that I don’t have an iPod anymore, I have my phone, it’s ‘coz my dad seems really angry at me.

I can understand, but argh, I can’t really explain it. My iPod is officially dead, when I plug it in it doesn’t show up. My dad seems really, really upset and annoyed and it’s driving me nuts, I can’t take it, it’s argh. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, actually. Maybe I could sulk around all day and just keep my mouth shut.

It was a mistake, I didn’t take it out of my jeans ‘coz I forgot, ‘coz I didn’t notice, ‘coz it’s so thin you don’t even know it’s there. We all make these really big mistakes, right? I mean, it’s not like we’re all perfect, we screw things up, big time. I mean, my dad has screwed up a lot of things, but no one really ever gets angry I really just wanna scream right now, I mean it. 

WHY? *cries*


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