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So, let’s turn our attention onto music for now, while I finish Midnighters: The Secret Hour. This album is full of melodious, catchy Pop songs, leading the way for other similar artists and the new sound of pop music. 

I personally adore this album, it’s one of the very few that I’ll listen to from start to finish and not forward or rewind. Every song on this album is different, but they’re tied together perfectly. There are slow songs, up tempo ones and just plain nice songs.

Although the only complaint I have with this album is that it’s too short! I want more! I want fifteen-eighteen tracks of this, not twelve! Although maybe she’s saving those extra songs for her next album, to keep her fans at the edge of their seats, waiting for the next release which I know will be fantastic.

She’s touring with Mika right now, and although I’ve only heard her live on her iTunes EP, I want to see something on YouTube or whatever. Maybe I’ll go over there later after all my reading’s finished so let’s just hope I can stay away from the computer and not tend to my music blog.

Anyway, the album is a must-listen, it’s fresh, it’s nice and most of all, she wrote every single song on it. My dad always says that if an artist doesn’t write his/her own songs, he/she’s replaceable, put anyone else with a nice body and a so-so voice there and the song will still be a hit. When an artist writes his/her own songs and they become big hits, that’s what he’ll say, “Oh. This is someone who deserves it,” sort of like Wonder in ‘Pop Princess’. If my dad heard someone like her, he’d say, “She’s boring, replaceable,” then he’ll change the song.

When my dad first heard this album, he said “She’s good,” and to get my dad’s approval on an album I like doesn’t happen very often.


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