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OK, remind me again why I like boybands? Oh. Right, Westlife. Back in grade six, every time I heard something related to Westlife(namely, K, Ireland, W, L, Sligo and stuff..) I would scream. That’s with stuff that don’t have any direct relation to Westlife. Imagine how I screamed when I heard something about them.

That was boy band phase part one. When it ended, I really thought it ended but I was really wrong. A few months later, I got addicted to this boy band called Blue. Although I wasn’t that much of a fan(mainly because it was so hard to google them and I couldn’t find any fan sites), I bought two albums. Yeah. So when that ended, I didn’t want to go through another phase.

But alas, here I am again, getting addicted to two new boybands(WHY???). NLT and V Factory, yeah. So I absolutely love the two bands, although they will never, ever come close to Westlife. I absolutely adore ‘These Are the Days’ by V Factory, I LOVE IT. Seriously, the minute the song started, I loved it. It’s just so, so, R&B-ish but in the Westlife kind of way (listen to ‘When I’m With You’, you’ll know what I’m talking about..) I’ve been listening to it for 1 1/2 hours now! Then I love the NLT songs so far, great!

I honestly don’t know how long this phase will last. I might last as long as my Westlife addiction but it might be another passing thing. After a few weeks I might get so sick of it that I won’t listen to it for another six months. So when this phase ends, I’ll let you know, alright?



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