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This week..

Posted on: May 9, 2008

This is just me being bored so if you don’t want to read a summary, just scroll down for the full-length posts!

American Idol. OK, I’ve been posting an awful lot about the show so sorry about that but you’ll have to bear with more. The top three are the two Davids and Syesha. There’s a big part of my mind that’s saying it will be the battle of the two Davids but another part is telling me to expect the worst, look at what happened last season. The final last season should’ve been Blake and Melinda, I don’t know why Jordin even got into the top three. Although, winning may be better so you can take more control of what you want to sing so there’s a bright side.

My iPod got washed in the machine. Stupid me, yeah but someone told me that Steve Jobs did the same thing, which makes me feel a bit better.

I’m getting addicted to boybands AGAIN. Although I know the new addictions will be no match for Westlife, the songs are amazing!

I asked everyone and myself if pop music still exists, and my answer? Maybe, but not in it’s whole(pop/*insert other genre here*).

Then of course, I mulled over the past, the best year of my life so far(NOT last school year.) and then some.


OK, remind me again why I like boybands? Oh. Right, Westlife. Back in grade six, every time I heard something related to Westlife(namely, K, Ireland, W, L, Sligo and stuff..) I would scream. That’s with stuff that don’t have any direct relation to Westlife. Imagine how I screamed when I heard something about them.

That was boy band phase part one. When it ended, I really thought it ended but I was really wrong. A few months later, I got addicted to this boy band called Blue. Although I wasn’t that much of a fan(mainly because it was so hard to google them and I couldn’t find any fan sites), I bought two albums. Yeah. So when that ended, I didn’t want to go through another phase.

But alas, here I am again, getting addicted to two new boybands(WHY???). NLT and V Factory, yeah. So I absolutely love the two bands, although they will never, ever come close to Westlife. I absolutely adore ‘These Are the Days’ by V Factory, I LOVE IT. Seriously, the minute the song started, I loved it. It’s just so, so, R&B-ish but in the Westlife kind of way (listen to ‘When I’m With You’, you’ll know what I’m talking about..) I’ve been listening to it for 1 1/2 hours now! Then I love the NLT songs so far, great!

I honestly don’t know how long this phase will last. I might last as long as my Westlife addiction but it might be another passing thing. After a few weeks I might get so sick of it that I won’t listen to it for another six months. So when this phase ends, I’ll let you know, alright?


My taste is very, well, strange. At least it is for my classmates, which is why they never, ever borrow my iPod or my music phone.

What makes it strange? Well have you ever heard of the song ‘Running Away’ by Jesse McCartney? Jesse McCartney you may have heard of, but unless you have his whole sophomore release, including all the bonus tracks, you wouldn’t know that song and it’s my current favorite track.

My classmates music players are filled with the hits, ‘Touch My Body’ which I absolutely hate, ‘Bleeding Love’ which is getting annoying now, ‘Low’ which just sucks big time and all those other hits and I hate them. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. I don’t understand why they only listen to what’s given to them and don’t bother to look for tracks that aren’t hits but deserve attention.

Ever heard of a girl named Britt Nicole? How about a band called D-Side? Girls Aloud? LAX Girlz? I bet not. Those are the artists on my iPod that get listened to, too much. I’m sure you’ve heard of Mariah Carey, but have you heard of the song ‘Love Story’ from her new album? Nah, not unless you’re a fan or you bought her album.

Westlife. I absolutely adore their songs, but not their singles, I cannot stand ‘Flying Without Wings’ and I call myself a fan why? Because I love ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’, ‘Get Away’, ‘Let’s Make Tonight Special’, ‘Written In The Stars’, ‘Somebody Needs You’, ‘Where We Belong’, ‘Still Here’ and a host of other underrated Westlife tracks. I like them for the songs they write, for their creations, for the b-sides which the general public neglect. Most of all, for the albums the critics shun, even if they’ve only heard the singles that really suck because believe it or not, there are quite a lot of gems hidden in a Westlife album.

I love Swing Out Sister, I grew up with that duo, I grew up listening to them in the car with my dad and every time I heard their songs, I remember my dad. Their songs are nostalgic for me and I’m sure that only one or two of my classmates know of them. I love their songs, the melodies are timeless and the arrangements are stuck in the 80’s, they balance each other out.

I love this girl band called ‘Play’. They’re Swedish and they had limited success for three studio albums, I love their songs and they can sing for sure. Of course, they’re history but they’re good, one of the best girl bands Sweden has churned out for a few years.

All in all, I hate the hits, I love the undiscovered songs, because I know only a few people have heard them, and only a few actually like them.

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