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Grade 8..

So yeah, I’ll be a sophomore this year, goodbye to being the youngest in the building! *cheers* BUT, I’ve got to redeem myself after a disastrous freshman year. So, these are the things I’ve got to do to make grade eight the least bit enjoyable.

1. Get my grades up. Which means less internet time and more study time. This year I swear to finish all my work and submit stuff on time. I’ve had enough of the late submissions.

2. Ignore HER. I can’t be distracted from my schoolwork.

3. Pray that my best friends are my classmates, so it’ll be even just half as good as sixth grade.

4. GET THAT BEST IN ENGLISH AWARD. Seriously, I NEED it. Not just because my enemy(who beat me by a few points, TWICE) is gone but because I want to make my parents and teachers proud and I’m so sick of sitting there in the audience and clapping.

When I think of something else, I’ll add it.


3 Responses to "Grade 8.."

Hello NOX. 😛 It’s my very first time to visit your blog. (Hmm…*thinks* I guess this blog is you~ without the face! :D) Anyways, hope you’ll enjoy your sophomore year (like me~!). Mine was really a blast, you know. XD

Gambatte ne~! (^-^)
~ Ate Michelle

Hey Nikki!! it’s me Nath 🙂 I can’t believe I’m actually older then you (somehow encouraging). Another difference is that I only start school August 27th (what’s a little sad is that I’m starting school the MORNING after the Simple Plan concert… so I’ll have to drink an awful lot of coffee to get over it LOL).

->when school starts again I’ll be in Secondary 4 (which is in the US grade 10?). And I’m REALLY excited because half the school is for secondary 1,2,3 and the other half (the good part) is for 4 and 5!

And I also realized that we have some kind of weird personality connection

1. I too have TONS of music like everywhere!! I have 4 computers at home and they all have a trace of my music ^_^ and also I have about 1000 songs on my mp3 (only 4G…boo!) and everyone else has like 50 songs or so…

2. Indeed, the “Download” button is really REALLY hard to resist… I download everything I see and I love hunting for new artists on MySpace it’s just so exciting and the temptation is awesome…

Have fun and good luck ❤

hiime againn how do i subscibe to thiss blogg??

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