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It’s not on my reading list ‘coz I didn’t think I would find it but whatever. Yes, I haven’t read Legacy yet but I couldn’t control myself, the fact that there is a book in the Private series that can be bought here and that I haven’t read yet will haunt me forever so I just had to get it, ASAP.

I said when I reviewed ‘The It Girl’ that no book could come close to Private and this book solidifies what I said, it’s everything I could’ve ever wanted in a book and the writing is amazing. The plot line isn’t lazy like ‘The It Girl’, the events are snappy and it gets to the point.

Not reading Legacy is kind of a disadvantage for me because when I first read that Dash and Reed were at the Legacy together, I was kind of confused. BUT the good thing about Kate Brian is that she explains it again, the book can stand on it’s own and even if you haven’t read the previous books, you’ll understand it.

Like when Reed broke up with Josh, I was confused at the start but then the story started to unfold. If you read the previous book, you might’ve not noticed but if you haven’t, you’ll know.

This is the kind of chick-lit I like, the kind that isn’t shallow like ‘The Clique’ or ‘The It Girl’ for example. So yeah, I adore this book!

The fact that they all now have iPhones is the icing on the cake! Seriously, my favorite book series and my favorite phone together is great!


I have yet to find a book series that can rival Kate Brian’s ‘Private’ and I just have one thing to say about this book, it’s no match.

The plot line is OK, except that there was really no substance to it. The ‘height’ of the book is supposedly when Jenny gets called for the DC meeting but it was kind of spread out too much. I like events snappy, like what happened in ‘Private’ when Thomas died. The climax was boring and not exciting at all, I mean didn’t Easy already think that since he was a legacy, even if he did do something bad, that he wouldn’t be expelled? Come on, I knew that.

Then there was the bad writing. I don’t know if the bad plot heightened the bad writing but I swear, if Cecily von Ziegesar writes like this, I don’t wanna read Gossip Girl.

And then the fact that Jenny was assigned to the boys dorm wasn’t elaborated. It would’ve been better if she had spent the night there or something, that would give the story more kick and excitement.

This story needs a better climax. Like someone getting expelled, killed or Jenny suffering a lot. And it would’ve been nice if the other characters got into more trouble. If Eric had rejected Brett’s advances every time but the last time he finally agreed, I would’ve liked that.

Then Callie and Easy.. they’re too boring. Callie forcing Jenny to lie for her and sending her free stuff? I would’ve wanted her to channel some Noelle Lange bitch-ness by blackmailing, beating up, ordering and threatening her way into everything, it’s more cruel and makes for a much better plotline!

So that’s it, I will not be looking out for any more books by this author, she writes too shallow. I don’t like shallow, I like the Kate Brian/Scott Westerfeld kind of writer. I like a writer who makes great plot lines an writes amazingly, who, from the start writes masterpieces, someone who makes writing seem effortless, who makes readers want to write their own stories after reading one page and I didn’t get that with Cecily von Ziegesar.

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I’m in love with this series, seriously! I finished it like 3 hours ago but right now I’m still kinda shocked at what happened and I never expected it! For a while I thought that they were really going to tell the whole town everything, but apparently, they didn’t. I absolutely adore the ending though, although I’m a little sad for Jessica.

So the random blue time comes because the scope is expanding but weakening. Daylighters can actually get into the blue time? Whoa. Cool.

That word for halloween is Celtic? Whoa once again. Scott Westerfeld ROCKS!

So that’s why the Grayfoots(correct me if I’m wrong..) are moving. Although it’s kinda strange that Constanza is being offered a part in a TV show just to get her out of Bixby? And her grandfather wants to get out of Broken Arrow ‘coz he KNOWS the blue time is expanding? Seriously, I need answers and I need answers now.

My review now is kinda short, but I can tell you one thing, I LOVE THE ENDING! The fireworks and the fact that Jessica made sparks? Plus she protected Beth, how sweet! But putting her hand in the bolt of lighting was the coolest part, except that she now lives in blue time, so she only exists one hour every twenty-five. It’s kinda sad what happened to her family, her mother and father grieving and Beth wanting answers, I can’t help but feel sorry for her.

I WANT A NEXT BOOK! Mainly because I have so many unanswered questions, and I really want to read more Scott Westerfeld stuff!

PS: I’m currently reading ‘The It Girl’ so watch out for my review!

YES! I absolutely ADORE this book, it’s great. First five chapters? Amazing!

That random blue time is cool. I mean, in the middle of a pep rally it comes? Whoa. But like them, I wonder why time didn’t stop.

Rex, jealous if Jonathan? When did that happen? Oh. Right. 

All the stuff they find out in Madeleine’s house is kinda freaking me out. I mean, I know she’s an old midcaster and all but I’ve got this funny feeling that something’s gonna go wrong somewhere.

The girl who was frozen in the blue time was cool. I have a feeling she’s gonna show up somewhere later.

The blue time expanding? Again, I applaud Scott Westerfeld, he thinks about everything!

So I finally finished the book after lots of surfing and eating in between(don’t blame me, blame my mom!)

Just thirty-seven chapters? I was expecting 39! OK, I’m getting too Dan Brown-ish on this, apologies. Thirteen is beginning to grow on me, you know those long words you have no idea what they mean because you just skimmed through the entire Oxford dictionary during sixth grade for the reading level test that you aced(my reading level last last year was 9.9 I believe and last year it was 11.. hoping for a thirteen this year…!). Ok, I’m going off topic, apologies once again.

That old midnighter was unexpected, seriously. When she was introduced I was like “Who is she?” and then it turned out that she was one of them. My gosh! I thought it was cleared up in the first book that all the midnighters prior to them(which means more or less 50 years prior..) vanished all at once? I salute Scott Westerfeld once again.

A halfling? Whoa. I never thought of that. I mean, half darkling half human? It kinda creeps me out but I’m wondering if they look like regular humans, since it was stated that they were the connection between the darklings and their human ‘servants’ or whatever you call them. I wanna know.. NOW! *does some research*

All that snooping around behind their parents’ backs is starting to make me really curious. Nah, I would never do that to my parents, they’re too nice for that. Seriously, but when my grades go down just a bit, they freak. On me.

Scott Westerfeld makes me want to be writer even more, even if I don’t really have any good ideas in my head right now(OK, maybe I can give it some time..) and I’m not really sure if I write well. When I read my own stuff, I think it’s crap and it’s rushed and you get the point. Which is why I never, ever re-read what I write, unless it’s for revisions sake.

I’ve never liked history, mainly because my mom loves it and my godfather’s the Japanese history expert here in the Philippines. Oh, and because of the fact that when I was in elementary school, my teachers condensed over 500 years of presidents, invaders, governor-generals, heroes, traitors, and events in one semester a year for five horrible years(the other semester was geography, which wasn’t as bad). I may start liking history because of this series, just wait until I’ve read ‘Blue Noon’.

Next step, BLUE NOON! I really, really NEED it. Seriously. 

Seriously, I cannot get enough of this series, it’s addictive! Here’s what I think so far.

I love it when midnight comes along in this book, it’s like everything ‘comes to life’ perse, it’s great and I’ve loved this idea from the minute I read the plotline.

WHO is that guy who was taking pictures during that hour? It’s freaking me out so much that I might not be able to sleep tonight. I really, really wanna know who the hell he is, if he’s a midnighter and what the hell he’s doing.

The cover freaks me out, most Scott Westerfeld book covers freak me out(except So Yesterday, I love that book cover.), I might have bad dreams tonight but whatever, I love the book.

I like snooping around my dad’s music collection as much as Dess likes looking through her dad’s maps. Well, maybe more ‘coz I seriously find the coolest stuff in his CD collection but some of them are total crap.

This book is gonna be exciting, even more than the first and don’t make me start with the third, I’m starting to bug my mom already!


The first book in the Midnighters series has not failed to impress, Scott Westerfeld has once again created a timeless masterpiece. The book is pretty much everything Scott Westerfeld is a writer, he fused fantasy with real life, he made this story believable yet still with that element that will keep you at the edge of your seat, waiting for the next thing to happen, and he does it in 297 pages.

I love how he puts in the tiniest of details, like thirteen-letter words and what those darklings actually look like, how he makes fantasy real, even if it’s just for the time you’re reading the book. He makes his readers imagine with those small details, it’s like you can see the place in your mind and yet you know he’s holding something back for the later parts. 

The amount of thought he put into this book must’ve been overwhelming. While I was reading the book, I was wondering how he thought of all those thirteen-letter words because there were some of them that I never even knew had thirteen letters, most probably because I don’t really count how many letters there are in a word or phrase.

The over-all concept of midnight freezing for an hour and letting all these darklings come out still amazes me. What if it was true? What if people who were born at the stroke of midnight were really able to see things other people can’t?

That’s another thing I love about Scott Westerfeld, it’s so realistic that it makes you wonder if it could be true, if the city in ‘Uglies’ could really exist and if in the future, you were really made pretty when you turned sixteen, if the vampires in ‘Peeps’ really do exist in the sewerage and if the things in ‘So Yesterday’ could actually happen.

The end of the book makes you want more, it makes you want more at that very moment. It keeps you on your toes, waiting until you can get your hands on the next book and I can’t wait myself. I’ll be getting the sequel within this week, if not, I’m gonna go crazy, seriously.

All in all, this book is a masterpiece, it’s every Scott Westerfeld fan’s dream and most of all, all three books are already out and available at my local bookstore, so there’s no more waiting for the next book, I just get it and read. Done deal.


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