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So we got a second screen today for the iMac, and let me tell you why screen spanning is gonna be so cool!(I haven’t actually used the computer yet since we put in the monitor, my mom’s using it..gar.)

  • I can surf and watch TV shows at the same time!
  • I can surf and browse my iTunes library at the same time!
  • I can do my homework and browse my iTunes library at the same time!
  • I can write my ‘novel’ and watch TV shows at the same time!
  • I can make custom album covers while surfing!
  • I can make five custom album covers at the same time!
  • I can properly copy an artist’s logo for my custom stuff..
  • I can edit videos amazingly!
  • Everything just got bigger!

And that, my friends, are the ten reasons why having two screens just rocks..!


It’s been even longer than the last lul in posting, but I just wanted to say that I’m still alive, and this blog is still alive. Redundant, much? A lot has happened since I last posted, so I’ll do a quick recap instead of a long and winding post that’ll take ages to write(and read..)..

  • I went to the e-heads reunion concert with my cousins and my parents(papa was kind of our ticket in…)
  • I finished the Florante at Laura project, a video of half the book. My part: Director/Editor.. garr..
  • I practically ran our fashion show. I chose the music, got everyone together and coordinated everything.
  • I got a new iPod! A 4th Generation Nano in orange.. And I got a new digital SLR!
  • It’s sem break, so we went to Binondo..
  • I’ve been lazing around the house, surfing and doing nothing, guilt-free.
  • A lot of new albums from my favorite artists have been released! The Sugababes, The Saturdays, Girls Aloud, Leon Jackson, Craig David and Agnes Carlsson!
  • I’ve read Legacy and Revelation already and I can’t wait for Paradise Lost!
  • 7,334 songs and my iTunes library is still growing everyday!
  • I made some cool new ringtones on Audacity!
  • Patty’s almost coming home! Another two weeks, I think..
  • I wanna watch HSM3, but I’m waiting for Patty to come back, Kurama and I have to see her suffer!(or will she?)
  • I changed layouts! Isn’t it cute? haha.. But now I can’t find my old banner.. I’ll have to look for it later.
  • So far, I’ve been to Megamall, SM North, Trinoma, Greenhills(again, after we went with Tita Len and Ate De and Ate Cissy and Kuya Neil..) and Binondo since exams wrapped up. That plus a week’s worth of Cherubim rehearsals, maybe a total of about 1 day in the UP Press marketing office and a visit to a doctor who stuck a tube down my nose into my throat(that hurt!).

I guess that’s it. If I missed something, it’ll follow later, or next time.

I knew I missed something! Edit time!

  • I’m loving Britannia High. Now I know it’s another desperate attempt to relive the days of I Dream, but it’s actually not that bad! I’m loving the song Lauren and Claudine sang when Lauren was in the studio..
  • The X Factor live shows started three weeks ago, and so far, so good. Although Daniel should’ve gone earlier, he doesn’t have the personality or special qualities to carry his not so spectacular/less than average voice.
  • My Multiply has been undergoing numerous makeovers. I’ve rapidly changed layouts and I’ve finally made it network-only(after weeks of telling myself I’d work on it..). Wanna see? Go here and add me up if I know you in person!

.end edit.

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