The Book Geek

The Geek.

A computer geek who loves literature and has a 35+ GB music library mostly filled with UK pop music is strange and uncommon, but that’s just who I am.

Most of my time is spent in front of a twenty-inch iMac(the newer one!), that I adore to bits. So what do I do in front of the computer? I write, I read about books I might want to buy and I’m a blogger gone mad.

I’ve got a music blog, dedicated to reviews of my favorite songs and albums, I have this one and I have a multiply account.

I’m a grade eight student and I take my studies seriously, to a certain extent. I adore English(probably because I love writing..), Music and Computer Science(sadly, they only require 1 semester of CompSci..)

I’m very, very close to my family, my cousins are like my siblings(mainly because I’m an only child). I love hanging out with my friends and going shopping, you know, the usual? Yeah.

I spend A LOT of time online visiting Westlife fan sites, and music blogs. I have a tendency to download whatever I find, seriously. I can go for hours just looking for something to download, whether it be a song, an album, a TV Show, a movie or a performance.

My taste in music is very unusual for someone my age, thanks to my dad. I hate singles, I hate popular songs, mainly because I hear them waaaaay too much. I stand out from my classmates whose music phones are full of top 40 hits ‘coz my iPod is filled with obscure songs nobody here has heard of.

I adore writing, it’s most likely my favorite pastime apart from surfing(although I can do them at the same time..) and it helps me reflect on everything and just relax. My fortes are English and anything tech-related, plus I can easily figure out a new program(thank my dad for telling me all those times to figure it out instead of telling me what to do..) People, mostly my teachers and my classmates say I write well but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I want to major in Journalism in college so I can either become a writer or a magazine editor.

Read about my daily antics, my favorite albums, my seasonal reading lists and whatever else I can think of! Oh, and leave me lots of nice comments, please?


4 Responses to "The Geek."

hi,,so this is your new blog!

coo. Yeah my music taste is odd too. At the moment I’m listening to the walk the line soundtrack, i love movie soundtrack music. I laso love the soundtrack to the lion king and havana nights too!

Hi. 🙂 I shall link you.

Haha. 😛

Yohh! Say, when are you ever coming back? I’ve been missing your posts a lot!

Oh, and by the way, hope you still remember me! 😀

——— ~ That’s the address of my personal blog; just put it down here seeing as it differs quite a bit from my site URL, though they’re both mine (and both are FULLY–and not to mention CAREFULLY! :D–managed). 😉

See you around too, my friend! 😀

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