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Posted on: July 2, 2008

I just found out that someone has been going around my favorite blogs and saying all these false things about me, it’s driving me nuts. I mean, does that person have nothing better to do than make me miserable and annoyed for the next few days?

I’ve been through all the haters invading my blog, I can handle them now but this is another story altogether, this person is telling lies about ME, someone he/she doesn’t know. 

It’s hard to take, I won’t be posting on any tag board for the next two weeks just to prove my point to my readers, because I owe my blogs’ life to them, they kept it alive when I didn’t want it to go on anymore.

Cheesy, much? Seriously. I’ve struggled for a long time accepting who I am with my classmates constantly teasing me and so I don’t want other people thinking that I’m something I’m not, especially when it’s negative.

I have enough problems as it is.


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