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Ok, so this is really a week in view post but yeah, you get the picture.

I think the power cord of my iMac died. My dad said that a fuse short-circuited but when he fixed it, it still wouldn’t work. SO, we have to bring it to Ynzal and I’ll be living off my MacBook for the next week or so. rawr.

Anyway, we sang for the UAAP opening today, and it was WILD. The six biggest universities in the country with the best in the country, the University of the Philippines(LET’S GO UP!) hosting. We sang, and it was amazing!

WHY IS ROO ISLAND WINNING THE ALTADOR CUP????!!!!??? haha.. and I leave you guys with that question.



Posted on: July 2, 2008

I just found out that someone has been going around my favorite blogs and saying all these false things about me, it’s driving me nuts. I mean, does that person have nothing better to do than make me miserable and annoyed for the next few days?

I’ve been through all the haters invading my blog, I can handle them now but this is another story altogether, this person is telling lies about ME, someone he/she doesn’t know. 

It’s hard to take, I won’t be posting on any tag board for the next two weeks just to prove my point to my readers, because I owe my blogs’ life to them, they kept it alive when I didn’t want it to go on anymore.

Cheesy, much? Seriously. I’ve struggled for a long time accepting who I am with my classmates constantly teasing me and so I don’t want other people thinking that I’m something I’m not, especially when it’s negative.

I have enough problems as it is.

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