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Ambition By Kate Brian – The Review

Posted on: May 31, 2008

It’s not on my reading list ‘coz I didn’t think I would find it but whatever. Yes, I haven’t read Legacy yet but I couldn’t control myself, the fact that there is a book in the Private series that can be bought here and that I haven’t read yet will haunt me forever so I just had to get it, ASAP.

I said when I reviewed ‘The It Girl’ that no book could come close to Private and this book solidifies what I said, it’s everything I could’ve ever wanted in a book and the writing is amazing. The plot line isn’t lazy like ‘The It Girl’, the events are snappy and it gets to the point.

Not reading Legacy is kind of a disadvantage for me because when I first read that Dash and Reed were at the Legacy together, I was kind of confused. BUT the good thing about Kate Brian is that she explains it again, the book can stand on it’s own and even if you haven’t read the previous books, you’ll understand it.

Like when Reed broke up with Josh, I was confused at the start but then the story started to unfold. If you read the previous book, you might’ve not noticed but if you haven’t, you’ll know.

This is the kind of chick-lit I like, the kind that isn’t shallow like ‘The Clique’ or ‘The It Girl’ for example. So yeah, I adore this book!

The fact that they all now have iPhones is the icing on the cake! Seriously, my favorite book series and my favorite phone together is great!


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