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Album Review: Emma Bunton – Free Me

Posted on: May 30, 2008

So I recently got a hold of this album, mainly because I found out that I used to hear ‘Maybe’ on the local music channel a lot and I loved it. The album is what I would imagine playing in a very chic New York club or a movie like Down with Love or something like that. Plus the 60’s elements mixed with pop make a perfect listen for me, mainly because 60’s music hits a sore spot for me.

I absolutely adore this album, as I said, it’s got the 60’s elements which are soooo cool. Seriously, her voice fits this kind of music, the sort of upscale lounge-y music with melodies to die for. I love the melodies of the songs on this album, again they’re really cool and the arrangements make it even cooler with the instruments.

Favorite tracks? ‘Free Me’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘I’ll Be There’, ‘Lay Your Love On Me’ and ‘You Are’ are the best tracks on the album for me. If I were to take out the rest of the tracks and just have this on the album, it would still make sense, and songs that can stand on their own are what makes this album great.

Short review, I’m kinda lazy but if I would have to describe this album as a whole, it would be mind blowing, seriously. Oh, and by the way, the cover was made by ME! haha.. yeah.


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