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Summer part 1

Posted on: May 28, 2008

So let’s recap. The very first part of my summer was fun, especially when we went to Sierra Madre with the Cherubim but then I got the flu, a bad case of it.

Summer officially kicked off with a Cherubim Camp, the best five days of the summer by far. Yes, I got cramps on the last night after we went swimming, the bathrooms were horrid and we did a lot of hard work but at least I get to spend it with people who will actually get things done, unlike my classmates who are the laziest people I know.

Working on those new pieces was half of the highlight up there, there were some gorgeous songs and some fun ones. My folder was bursting at the seams by the end of it all!

The peer sessions at night reminded me of the good old days during the Southern Luzon tour and the Makiling recording camp when we would sit around in a circle and tell all. This time though, it’s kind quiet, because the people who were with us in the past obviously aren’t there anymore like Ate Bo and Ate Tara. 

The last night wasn’t as momentous as I envisioned it to be, but it was still fun. Then the last day came. We sang and ate and relaxed before we went home. It was good to get home, I missed my computer!

Then the following week, I got the flu. My fever was reaching 40 degrees at one point and I felt horrible, so that was the first two or three weeks of summer out of the picture. I spent it lying down on my bed, watching TV and sleeping. Yeah, that was part 1 of my summer.


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