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On a random note..

Posted on: May 28, 2008

I wonder why the banner’s blurry, it was crystal clear before I uploaded it.. like this:

So yeah, I finally got to making a new banner and making the layout more, well, bright. I absolutely adore my banner and the layout is simpler so yeah. It’s almost the start of the new school year so I thought why not change my blog’s look? Haha ok.

‘Tis another day of lazing around but I’m excited for tomorrow, I’m gonna have my hair re-straightened! FINALLY! YAY! I really can’t stand my hair right now, it’s annoying.


1 Response to "On a random note.."

i could tell you why nikki, coz i’ve been on this situation…hehehe

Your actual banner is so big..
and you don’t save it in high quality… 😀
in photoshop, when you save the files, it’ll ask you to save it in some various format… I always choose ‘HQ’ and 2mbps, so it won’t blur like that… hehehe
but i don;t know if ur program have something like that…

I’ve change my own blog to multiply…

not interesting in here again, coz i can’t experience with the layout… hihi 😀


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