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Summer Reading List Book # 6 – ‘It Girl’ by Cecily von Ziegesar, The Full Review.

Posted on: May 20, 2008

I have yet to find a book series that can rival Kate Brian’s ‘Private’ and I just have one thing to say about this book, it’s no match.

The plot line is OK, except that there was really no substance to it. The ‘height’ of the book is supposedly when Jenny gets called for the DC meeting but it was kind of spread out too much. I like events snappy, like what happened in ‘Private’ when Thomas died. The climax was boring and not exciting at all, I mean didn’t Easy already think that since he was a legacy, even if he did do something bad, that he wouldn’t be expelled? Come on, I knew that.

Then there was the bad writing. I don’t know if the bad plot heightened the bad writing but I swear, if Cecily von Ziegesar writes like this, I don’t wanna read Gossip Girl.

And then the fact that Jenny was assigned to the boys dorm wasn’t elaborated. It would’ve been better if she had spent the night there or something, that would give the story more kick and excitement.

This story needs a better climax. Like someone getting expelled, killed or Jenny suffering a lot. And it would’ve been nice if the other characters got into more trouble. If Eric had rejected Brett’s advances every time but the last time he finally agreed, I would’ve liked that.

Then Callie and Easy.. they’re too boring. Callie forcing Jenny to lie for her and sending her free stuff? I would’ve wanted her to channel some Noelle Lange bitch-ness by blackmailing, beating up, ordering and threatening her way into everything, it’s more cruel and makes for a much better plotline!

So that’s it, I will not be looking out for any more books by this author, she writes too shallow. I don’t like shallow, I like the Kate Brian/Scott Westerfeld kind of writer. I like a writer who makes great plot lines an writes amazingly, who, from the start writes masterpieces, someone who makes writing seem effortless, who makes readers want to write their own stories after reading one page and I didn’t get that with Cecily von Ziegesar.


9 Responses to "Summer Reading List Book # 6 – ‘It Girl’ by Cecily von Ziegesar, The Full Review."

GG is the best book in the world and cecily is the best writer

hai un ammiratrice italiana cecily!!!!!!!!!!

hi serena!where are you from

the it girl series is the best! i have read just about all of them, and i hope there is more to come. and i can’t beleive the turnouts! bye-bye! -cassie 🙂

A series I have found that is just as good as the Private series is the Seven Deadly Sins series by Robin Wasserman. I found that series and it was my favorite until I found the Private series. The plot is good and all-around very good. 🙂

I have one question… do yo know …this book have in spanish…

i like the books of the it girl

in case u didnt notice, cecily didnt write this. she might have suggested some ideas but this was completely GHOSTWRITTEN!

i love the gossip girl series, except for books 8-11, since the ghostwriter SUCKED! but i do like private. it does have the alluring mystery that keeps you coming back.

Ha, yeah right. Kate Brian’s Private series cannot compare to Gossip Girl. I even read the ‘It Girl’ series and that was better than Private. Reed is a whiny, annoying twit, (I can’t even begin to relate to her since she basically let’s people crap all over her and keeps coming back from more) and there’s never too much detail in the books. The chapters are like three pages long! I need more info.

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