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Summer Reading List: Book #3 – Midnighters: Blue Noon by Scott Westerfeld, The First Five Chapters

Posted on: May 15, 2008

YES! I absolutely ADORE this book, it’s great. First five chapters? Amazing!

That random blue time is cool. I mean, in the middle of a pep rally it comes? Whoa. But like them, I wonder why time didn’t stop.

Rex, jealous if Jonathan? When did that happen? Oh. Right. 

All the stuff they find out in Madeleine’s house is kinda freaking me out. I mean, I know she’s an old midcaster and all but I’ve got this funny feeling that something’s gonna go wrong somewhere.

The girl who was frozen in the blue time was cool. I have a feeling she’s gonna show up somewhere later.

The blue time expanding? Again, I applaud Scott Westerfeld, he thinks about everything!


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