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Posted on: May 14, 2008

OK, just some random things today since I haven’t really blogged a lot these past few days. I’ll get back to my regular schedule in a while, OK? Haha.

So we watched Iron Man two days ago and I actually kinda like it! I love the tech part, when the guy makes the Iron Man suit in his house, Cinema Displays! Haha, yeah.

I have the last Midnighters book! Although since school is almost starting, I might have less time to read it. Still, I can’t wait! Seriously, I wanna know how this series ends!

I wanna read Twilight, because my friend wants to. Haha, not exactly but she told me about it and I read the plot line, it’s OK. And besides, I have another excuse to beg for a book from my mom!

I’m gonna go have my shoes made because for the past month we’ve been looking at the retail stores and the biggest size they carry is ten, I’m an eleven. Yeah.

IDOL! Syehsa is going. ‘Hit Me Up’ was horrible. The battle of the two davids! YAY! I’m gonna update the ups and downs after this.


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