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Posted on: May 9, 2008

This is just me being bored so if you don’t want to read a summary, just scroll down for the full-length posts!

American Idol. OK, I’ve been posting an awful lot about the show so sorry about that but you’ll have to bear with more. The top three are the two Davids and Syesha. There’s a big part of my mind that’s saying it will be the battle of the two Davids but another part is telling me to expect the worst, look at what happened last season. The final last season should’ve been Blake and Melinda, I don’t know why Jordin even got into the top three. Although, winning may be better so you can take more control of what you want to sing so there’s a bright side.

My iPod got washed in the machine. Stupid me, yeah but someone told me that Steve Jobs did the same thing, which makes me feel a bit better.

I’m getting addicted to boybands AGAIN. Although I know the new addictions will be no match for Westlife, the songs are amazing!

I asked everyone and myself if pop music still exists, and my answer? Maybe, but not in it’s whole(pop/*insert other genre here*).

Then of course, I mulled over the past, the best year of my life so far(NOT last school year.) and then some.


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