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It’s not on my reading list ‘coz I didn’t think I would find it but whatever. Yes, I haven’t read Legacy yet but I couldn’t control myself, the fact that there is a book in the Private series that can be bought here and that I haven’t read yet will haunt me forever so I just had to get it, ASAP.

I said when I reviewed ‘The It Girl’ that no book could come close to Private and this book solidifies what I said, it’s everything I could’ve ever wanted in a book and the writing is amazing. The plot line isn’t lazy like ‘The It Girl’, the events are snappy and it gets to the point.

Not reading Legacy is kind of a disadvantage for me because when I first read that Dash and Reed were at the Legacy together, I was kind of confused. BUT the good thing about Kate Brian is that she explains it again, the book can stand on it’s own and even if you haven’t read the previous books, you’ll understand it.

Like when Reed broke up with Josh, I was confused at the start but then the story started to unfold. If you read the previous book, you might’ve not noticed but if you haven’t, you’ll know.

This is the kind of chick-lit I like, the kind that isn’t shallow like ‘The Clique’ or ‘The It Girl’ for example. So yeah, I adore this book!

The fact that they all now have iPhones is the icing on the cake! Seriously, my favorite book series and my favorite phone together is great!


So I recently got a hold of this album, mainly because I found out that I used to hear ‘Maybe’ on the local music channel a lot and I loved it. The album is what I would imagine playing in a very chic New York club or a movie like Down with Love or something like that. Plus the 60’s elements mixed with pop make a perfect listen for me, mainly because 60’s music hits a sore spot for me.

I absolutely adore this album, as I said, it’s got the 60’s elements which are soooo cool. Seriously, her voice fits this kind of music, the sort of upscale lounge-y music with melodies to die for. I love the melodies of the songs on this album, again they’re really cool and the arrangements make it even cooler with the instruments.

Favorite tracks? ‘Free Me’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘I’ll Be There’, ‘Lay Your Love On Me’ and ‘You Are’ are the best tracks on the album for me. If I were to take out the rest of the tracks and just have this on the album, it would still make sense, and songs that can stand on their own are what makes this album great.

Short review, I’m kinda lazy but if I would have to describe this album as a whole, it would be mind blowing, seriously. Oh, and by the way, the cover was made by ME! haha.. yeah.


Posted on: May 29, 2008

Haha. So I went shopping today after having my hair done(which is now like I came out of a shampoo ad..) and guess what I found? AMBITION! The seventh book in the Private Series.. YIPEEEEEE!!!!!! so yeah. Review to follow!

I wonder why the banner’s blurry, it was crystal clear before I uploaded it.. like this:

So yeah, I finally got to making a new banner and making the layout more, well, bright. I absolutely adore my banner and the layout is simpler so yeah. It’s almost the start of the new school year so I thought why not change my blog’s look? Haha ok.

‘Tis another day of lazing around but I’m excited for tomorrow, I’m gonna have my hair re-straightened! FINALLY! YAY! I really can’t stand my hair right now, it’s annoying.

So let’s recap. The very first part of my summer was fun, especially when we went to Sierra Madre with the Cherubim but then I got the flu, a bad case of it.

Summer officially kicked off with a Cherubim Camp, the best five days of the summer by far. Yes, I got cramps on the last night after we went swimming, the bathrooms were horrid and we did a lot of hard work but at least I get to spend it with people who will actually get things done, unlike my classmates who are the laziest people I know.

Working on those new pieces was half of the highlight up there, there were some gorgeous songs and some fun ones. My folder was bursting at the seams by the end of it all!

The peer sessions at night reminded me of the good old days during the Southern Luzon tour and the Makiling recording camp when we would sit around in a circle and tell all. This time though, it’s kind quiet, because the people who were with us in the past obviously aren’t there anymore like Ate Bo and Ate Tara. 

The last night wasn’t as momentous as I envisioned it to be, but it was still fun. Then the last day came. We sang and ate and relaxed before we went home. It was good to get home, I missed my computer!

Then the following week, I got the flu. My fever was reaching 40 degrees at one point and I felt horrible, so that was the first two or three weeks of summer out of the picture. I spent it lying down on my bed, watching TV and sleeping. Yeah, that was part 1 of my summer.

Sorry for not posting in the longest time, I’M SORRY! Anyway, since I haven’t posted, here’s a list of stuff I have to do before school starts and Ate De COMES HOME!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

1. Have my hair straightened. Seriously, it’s getting on my last nerves. Imagine waking up everyday with half of your hair curly and the other half OK. Murder. I’m gonna go have it done tomorrow.

2. Surf ’till my eyes fall out. In short, enjoy all the internet I can before I hit the books again for the eight grade(and possibly die..).

3. Download everything I’ve ever wanted to download over the summer. And seed every torrent from that I can, ratio must be 0.8 and above!

4. Do my last bits of shopping, get that book I’ve been eyeing all summer and eat whatever I want to.

5. Invite pat over here for our annual pre-school bash. We’ll surf and eat ’till we drop.

6. Blog about my summer and what I expect this coming school year. I’ve seriously got to get back to blogging on a daily basis.

7. Clean up my hard disk and fix up the homework manager, they need to be in tip top shape for this school year.

8. Get all hyped up about Ate De and Kuya Neil coming home after a looooong time in Louisiana..

I guess that’s it! Will think of more in the coming days..

I have yet to find a book series that can rival Kate Brian’s ‘Private’ and I just have one thing to say about this book, it’s no match.

The plot line is OK, except that there was really no substance to it. The ‘height’ of the book is supposedly when Jenny gets called for the DC meeting but it was kind of spread out too much. I like events snappy, like what happened in ‘Private’ when Thomas died. The climax was boring and not exciting at all, I mean didn’t Easy already think that since he was a legacy, even if he did do something bad, that he wouldn’t be expelled? Come on, I knew that.

Then there was the bad writing. I don’t know if the bad plot heightened the bad writing but I swear, if Cecily von Ziegesar writes like this, I don’t wanna read Gossip Girl.

And then the fact that Jenny was assigned to the boys dorm wasn’t elaborated. It would’ve been better if she had spent the night there or something, that would give the story more kick and excitement.

This story needs a better climax. Like someone getting expelled, killed or Jenny suffering a lot. And it would’ve been nice if the other characters got into more trouble. If Eric had rejected Brett’s advances every time but the last time he finally agreed, I would’ve liked that.

Then Callie and Easy.. they’re too boring. Callie forcing Jenny to lie for her and sending her free stuff? I would’ve wanted her to channel some Noelle Lange bitch-ness by blackmailing, beating up, ordering and threatening her way into everything, it’s more cruel and makes for a much better plotline!

So that’s it, I will not be looking out for any more books by this author, she writes too shallow. I don’t like shallow, I like the Kate Brian/Scott Westerfeld kind of writer. I like a writer who makes great plot lines an writes amazingly, who, from the start writes masterpieces, someone who makes writing seem effortless, who makes readers want to write their own stories after reading one page and I didn’t get that with Cecily von Ziegesar.

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