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Summer Reading List: Book #2 – Midnighters: Touching Darkness by Scott Westerfeld, The First Five Chapters

Posted on: April 28, 2008

Seriously, I cannot get enough of this series, it’s addictive! Here’s what I think so far.

I love it when midnight comes along in this book, it’s like everything ‘comes to life’ perse, it’s great and I’ve loved this idea from the minute I read the plotline.

WHO is that guy who was taking pictures during that hour? It’s freaking me out so much that I might not be able to sleep tonight. I really, really wanna know who the hell he is, if he’s a midnighter and what the hell he’s doing.

The cover freaks me out, most Scott Westerfeld book covers freak me out(except So Yesterday, I love that book cover.), I might have bad dreams tonight but whatever, I love the book.

I like snooping around my dad’s music collection as much as Dess likes looking through her dad’s maps. Well, maybe more ‘coz I seriously find the coolest stuff in his CD collection but some of them are total crap.

This book is gonna be exciting, even more than the first and don’t make me start with the third, I’m starting to bug my mom already!


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