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My Summer Reading List: Book #4 – Pop Princess by Rachel Cohn, the Full Review

Posted on: April 27, 2008

Ok, so no picture this time, I’m afraid, just look at the previous post. So I’ve finished the whole book and although I don’t love it and the writing sucks, there are a few good points.

In the industry, trends change very fast, even faster than what happened to Wonder. Ever heard of American Idol? Yeah, that’s the best example, one day you’re the best and the next day, you’re out of the competition. The only difference to what happened to Wonder was that Tig wanted to give her a second chance, something that rarely happens to ex-pop princesses, they either go into acting, modeling or hiding because they don’t have the real voice.

The book said that Wonder didn’t earn a lot of money from her short stardom. True, but it’s much worse in real life. The minute you sign a contract, you’re guaranteed x amount of money, but only if you become successful. If you’re a one-hit wonder like Wonder(redundant..), you’ll end up in debt rather than filthy rich. Talk about irony.

What’s the reason for this short review? Well right now, I cannot stand how badly this book was written even with the slightly OK plot line and mostly-correct facts. So I won’t be re-reading this book, I can promise you that.


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