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My Summer Reading List: Book #4 – Pop Princess by Rachel Cohn, The First Five Chapters

Posted on: April 26, 2008

     OK, so this book cannot compare to one by Scott Westerfeld but you gotta admit, this book will become my guilty pleasure pretty soon. I haven’t read anything by this author prior to this book so here’s what I think so far.

     Yes, her big sister died, so what? The big sister she idolized and copied because she wanted to be with her. Ok, it may be a bit cold but isn’t this book about how WONDER, not LUCKY, climbed to the top of the pop charts? The author went a bit astray there but it’s fine.

     I don’t see how this could possibly be 100% real. Coming from a musical family myself and my dad being a record producer, I know how the industry goes. Demos are recorded and sent to record companies, yes, and pop stars are manufactured to a certain extent. Later in the book, you’ll see why I said this so wait for my full review tomorrow, alright?






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